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Replacing our Twitter β€˜card of the day’, this page gives your own personal card of the day. (The day starts and ends at midnight GMT.) This gives an overview of your day and any particular issues or opportunities to look out for.


9 of Swords - Mourning

This card indicates that it is now time to allow yourself to grieve for what has been lost in the past. Through this, healing can be facilitated. It is important that you remember not to bottle up your emotions, and that you allow yourself to receive any support that is offered to you. No-one travels through life unscathed; emotional pain is one of the unpleasant facts of life. Yet it can also be seen as a gift, as long as it is recognised and released, and not held on to.

Mourning for what has been lost pierces your heart, and opens you up to new and deeper dimensions of feeling. The process brings about transformation through an expansion of awareness. The most sympathetic and empathetic people are those who have the courage and strength to face, acknowledge, and release their own suffering. Your experiences have taught you much. It is now time to recognise this, and to release the old with compassion and create the space in your life for new and positive energy to come in.

Question to ponder: Are you now ready to make space for yourself to 'let go' of the past?

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