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Replacing our Twitter ‘card of the day’, this page gives your own personal card of the day. (The day starts and ends at midnight GMT.) This gives an overview of your day and any particular issues or opportunities to look out for.


3 of Swords - Grief

The Three of Swords indicates a difficult situation that is fuelled by jealousy, or by the feeling that someone is trying to take what you see as belonging to you. There is a sense of dejection and loss, and you may feel unable to see a clear way through. There is a need to stop looking inward, and to dissolve any feelings of blame that may be directed towards yourself or others.

The way forward is to try to understand what is actually going on, though this may be painful. A degree of severance is required, and a need to accept whatever outcome results from the situation, with the awareness that what is truly yours will eventually come back to you, if you allow yourself to let go of expectations. As your emotions may be in turmoil, allow yourself to step back and allow your mind to show the way forward. Clear, direct communication with others will help clarify matters for you at this time.

Question to ponder: How can you gain some distance in order to view the situation more clearly?

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