The Glastonbury Tarot Timeless wisdom from the Isle of Avalon

Card of the day

This page gives your own personal card of the day (the day starts and ends at midnight GMT). It gives an overview of your day and any particular issues or opportunities to look out for.


7 of Swords - Boundaries

This card reveals the ability to set boundaries for what you want and do not want in your life, yet still be able to feel close to, and relate to, other people. You are likely to feel stifled if your boundaries are being overstepped. There is a need for you to retain your individuality and claim your own sacred space. There is also an indication of respect for the sacred space of others.

Problems in relationships can now be resolved through compassionate, direct communication. You need to remain centred within yourself, and kindly but firmly state your needs and how they could best be met. It is also important that you listen to and respect the views of others who are in dialogue with you.

Question to ponder: Where in your relationships is there a need for firmer boundaries at this time?

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