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Replacing our Twitter ‘card of the day’, this page gives your own personal card of the day. (The day starts and ends at midnight GMT.) This gives an overview of your day and any particular issues or opportunities to look out for.


4 of Vesicas - Integrity

The Four of Vesicas indicates the need to deal with power issues in a constructive way. There is stability and deep integrity in your dealings with others. You expect people to be as you are yourself, and are disappointed if they let you down. Either there is a need for more boundaries, or you are putting up too many barriers between yourself and others.

The position of the vesica symbols on the figure in the card reveal the way forward. The first vesica is on the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will, indicating the need to push for what you want. The next vesica is positioned at the heart chakra, signalling you to follow your feelings. The last two vesicas are on the shoulders, the area where you carry responsibility, and remind you to be willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Question to ponder: Are you aware of whether your boundaries are too open or too tight around you?

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