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The Tower - The Tor

The Tower is the great awakener. It tears away the veils which, until now, have prevented clear sight. This can be painful, because sometimes it is easier to hold on to illusions than to face a difficult truth. The Tower indicates a time of transformation at a very deep level, often brought about through external circumstances, in order to create the space in your life for a new form of energy and experience.

This card advises that it is time to let go, to allow things to take their course, to resist the urge to fight or deny the experience. The right action is to wait for the storm to blow over - and it will. You may feel that you have been washed up on a foreign shore with no map, but this is actually a time when you can experience yourself as a strong, empowered being, programmed for survival.

The Tower can also signify a sudden flash of insight, a realisation that can bring forth a state of ecstasy and which can change your life in an instant - the inexplicable feeling of 'Eureka!' that has given rise to some of the most important discoveries. But in this case the discovery is about yourself, about who and what you are. The gifts of the Tower, though they may seem harsh, open the way to a powerful, true sense of self.

Question to ponder: Are you now ready to let go of the masks which hide the true self?

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