Card of the day

Replacing our Twitter ‘card of the day’, this page gives your own personal card of the day. (The day starts and ends at midnight GMT.) This gives an overview of your day and any particular issues or opportunities to look out for.


King of Staffs

The King of Staffs indicates a time of great forward movement. An influx of energy is coming that you will not be able to ignore. With this will come a feeling of excitement, and of impatience to make things happen. Life is responding to that urge by creating changes around you. You can now tap into the rising tide of eagerness and enthusiasm, overcome any difficult situations that may arise, and enable your leadership qualities to come to the fore.

This card shows strong-mindedness and an indomitable will. There is an open honesty in your optimism that will attract other people to you, and can enable your inspired ideas to be put into action.

Question to ponder: Where do you seek change in your life?

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