The Glastonbury Tarot Timeless wisdom from the Isle of Avalon

How the tarot works

The Glastonbury Tarot

Your subconscious mind already holds the answers to your questions. However, this deep inner knowing isn’t easily accessible to your conscious mind, because the language of the subconscious mind uses symbols instead of words. The tarot is one of several systems that use imagery and symbols to draw the answers you seek up to the surface, thereby making it possible for your conscious mind to understand the meaning.

The images in The Glastonbury Tarot may appear simple but they are rich in symbolism. Each picture contains colours and symbols that can be recognized and understood as messages from your subconscious. When you choose the cards for your reading, your subconscious mind is picking out the ones which hold the messages and answers that will be most useful to you for furthering your understanding of your current situation.

It is important to ask your question clearly and directly, focusing on one aspect of your life at a time. Avoid asking “Should I do this, or that” if you need insight into a decision you are making. That may result in a muddled answer. Instead, you could ask “If I do this, what will the outcome be?”

When you look at your cards and their interpretations, you can view each card as an aspect of yourself. You can also envision each card as a snapshot of the story of your life as it is flowing at this moment in time. When you do this, look carefully at each card that appears in your reading. Observe how the meaning of one card is further expanded by the next card in the sequence. Think about the tale within each card, as well as the symbolism and the message it holds for you, then see each subsequent card as being another strand in the unfolding narrative of your life.

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