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I'm sorry to say it's unlikely that the cards will be reprinted.
Graham 18 Sep 2021
Thank you Lisa for sharing your art and wisdom. The interpretations are always meaningful, thoughtful and relevant. Any chance of getting it into print again?
Catherine 18 Sep 2021
Felt reassured by my first time reading. Feeling confident about my future. Will visit again and will recommend to like minded friends.
Carol 17 Sep 2021
Thank you Lisa! Your magical deck has been my tool since it first came out. This online service is a superb tool for clarity ❤️ Bless you!
Kerstin 14 Sep 2021
A beautiful Bird Spread reading that brought great clarity. Thank you.

I bought the deck many years ago and love it so much and use it almost every day but it’s lovely to be able to use this online resource every now and again too. Thank you m.
Alison Darnbrough 11 Sep 2021
Amazing readings. Hit the mark every single time. I use this site probably once every 3 months but readings are spot on.
Sharon 9 Sep 2021
Letting go of the past, realising my ambition and forgiveness. Spot on! Thank-you
Caroline 8 Sep 2021
Each day I create a brief reading to reflect on. Eighty percent of the time the reading is helpful. If I'm not payng attention the other times that tells me something about where I'm at. I like the positivity and kindness of this deck. There is always room for growth and the cards suggest this very gently and in an invitational way. Over time the natural cycles become clearer. No matter how difficult the circumstances there is always a way to approach life.
Barbara 6 Sep 2021
I've had a difficult 18 months, and during this time learned to close a door on a chapter of my life and move forward into a new one. This tarot deck has been so supportive and helpful, and a reinforcement of my understanding that we are co-creators with the Universe of our own reality. Thankyou. xxx
Kate 3 Sep 2021
Thank you. This is my fave site for readings. The cards fall true. ✌️
mira 30 Aug 2021
I was very impressed by the reading I have just received. It summed my situation and thoughts perfectly. Thank you for your confirmation and guidance.
Angela C Clarke 21 Aug 2021
I have been completely overwhelmed by this reading. Having done a few sites for readings I still felt slightly unfulfilled, I recently embarked on a road trip to Stonehenge for my birthday at the time of the full moon. It was magical to sit on the seafront on my birthday under that moon. The pics on my new zoom lens camera are awesome. To discover this site and receive my reading has sent shivers through my body and soul. Every aspect was spot on! I will now go back and start my journal in answer to the questions raised. I give heartfelt thanks for this reading and the universal powers that enlightened me 🙌❤️
Patricia Reynolds 18 Aug 2021
I really appreciate the knowledgeable and psychological interpretations of these lovely cards - whenever I visit Glastonbury Tarot I always feel that I have had an illuminated answer to my enquiry, thank you
Teresa 17 Aug 2021
Thank you. Accurate all the time. Brilliant!
Jenny 16 Aug 2021
Absolutely brilliant! Clarified my situation beautifully, with insight too.
Will definitely use the Glastonbury Tarot again.
Pam D 11 Aug 2021
The cards are spot on! I really appreciate your help, and the meaning of the reading will make me think, thank-you very much.
Caroline 6 Aug 2021
Absolutely beautiful set of tarot cards. It has helped me work out what's on in the inner plane everytime. Incredible!
Joy 3 Aug 2021
Thank you for my reading,first time I’ve tried this and it has turned out to be most intriguing and very thought provoking
Dave Nicholas 30 Jul 2021
Thank you ..the first time I have tried this Web site .. the card drawn was thought provoking x
Ann 26 Jul 2021
My Absolute Favourite Traot Deck is the Glastonbury. Accurate EVERY Time. I so wish I could buy a Copy..But it is out of print..Sadly.. Hope it comes out again soon. Thank you Lisa for this Great Gift to us by making up this website so we can use it. It has been SO helpful.
anneke 26 Jul 2021
What a fantastic reading spot on can't wait to pull some more cards amazing 10 out of 10
Kim 25 Jul 2021
Beautiful artistry and reading 🥰
Susan E Cantonwine 23 Jul 2021
What an amazing reading! The cards accurately reflected the new stage in my life that has just begun.
Carol 22 Jul 2021
Always so appropriate and accurate.
Carol Fairclough 21 Jul 2021
It feels like magic thanks
Pranam Ottolina 16 Jul 2021

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