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My favorite website for tarot. I resonate with the interpretations and find them very insightful. Thank you so much!
Jesse M 19 Nov 2021
wonderful confirmation of my questions first asked on the new moon in Taurus, May 2021 - today is the partial eclipse full moon in Taurus and the cards and interpretations were spot on - thank you so much, blessings
Teresa 19 Nov 2021
Thank you cards for my reading and the encouragement I received from them. Itโ€™s been most helpful.
Janice 18 Nov 2021
Really good ready, though I needed the answer to a specific question.
Sandra Jones 12 Nov 2021
Kind, wise and insightful. Very grateful for this light shined on my current situation. I feel empowered and reflective and ready to look deep within. Thank you so much.
Claire Monica 31 Oct 2021
Spot on with my current situation and very clear messages and explanations. I liked the questions at the end. Thank you ๐Ÿ’–
Theresa 31 Oct 2021
Thank you, that reading gave me clarity. :) I appreciate it.
Anne 28 Oct 2021
This site has been such a source of comfort and inspiration for me for months now. But it has been even more important for me in the last 3 weeks, since my partner suddenly died. I have been using the 'Card of the Day' function since then, and each day the Cards tell me exactly what I need to hear. I cannot thank you enough.
Siobhan 26 Oct 2021
The cards resonated with my question.
Thank you very much.
Love and light xx
Trudi Lambert 26 Oct 2021
Thank-you for your support the Glastonbury Tarot team and the wisdom abounding.
Anna Gower 21 Oct 2021
It was so accurate and aware, I felt like it was truly personal and highly informative, I enjoyed the easy card explanations, and the cards are beautiful
Sera 16 Oct 2021
Great reading, Thank you too all involved with the web site. And thank you to the divine for the guidance received. Love and light always ๐Ÿ˜€
Neil 15 Oct 2021
I love this tarot. It remindsme of Glastonbury a place I spent a few days at many years ago and loved. This tarot always speak to me and again tonight, it has put my mind at ease. THank you so much
Chris 10 Oct 2021
This is my favourite online tarot reading. Something always chimes with me from each reading. I appreciate the messages that are always positively framed and encouraging of personal/spiritual development and reflection. Your site has been a huge source of support for me since the pandemic began. Thank you.
Hannah 6 Oct 2021
Have just done my first reading,thank you very insightful to my present situation, i will return again very soon Debs
Deborah 6 Oct 2021
I love how you use the Artherian legends and Isle as Avalon for ratings and card depictions. As Mist of Avalon was one of my favourite books.
It makes clarification of the cards much easier for me.
Michelle 5 Oct 2021
Anna 1 Oct 2021
Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Just what I needed to hear to help me long my path.
Blessings ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ
Kate 24 Sep 2021
I'm sorry to say it's unlikely that the cards will be reprinted.
Graham 18 Sep 2021
Thank you Lisa for sharing your art and wisdom. The interpretations are always meaningful, thoughtful and relevant. Any chance of getting it into print again?
Catherine 18 Sep 2021
Felt reassured by my first time reading. Feeling confident about my future. Will visit again and will recommend to like minded friends.
Carol 17 Sep 2021
Thank you Lisa! Your magical deck has been my tool since it first came out. This online service is a superb tool for clarity โค๏ธ Bless you!
Kerstin 14 Sep 2021
A beautiful Bird Spread reading that brought great clarity. Thank you.

I bought the deck many years ago and love it so much and use it almost every day but itโ€™s lovely to be able to use this online resource every now and again too. Thank you m.
Alison Darnbrough 11 Sep 2021
Amazing readings. Hit the mark every single time. I use this site probably once every 3 months but readings are spot on.
Sharon 9 Sep 2021
Letting go of the past, realising my ambition and forgiveness. Spot on! Thank-you
Caroline 8 Sep 2021

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