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We would welcome your comments on the website and the cards, especially if you have enjoyed your reading. Please be aware that we cannot give personal readings - that’s what the website is for, to do-it-yourself. 😊

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Love you site.
Joan Libby Lomas 15 May 2022
HOW DO YOU DO IT? I talk to you everyday & you tell me the truth!! I’m scared to follow my intuition
Karrie 13 May 2022
I really liked your Tarot reading thank you!
Ruth Ingram 6 May 2022
Thank you for the readings. enlightening and appropriate to my current situation.
Nonks 5 May 2022
I'm very grateful for the readings.
Roni 29 Apr 2022
So thankful that I was drawn to this site and for the reading I received. Very enlightening and appropriate. Giving gratitude from within
Patricia Reynolds 24 Apr 2022
The cards are uncannily accurate to my current situation. Thank you for giving me the chance to explore tarot. I feel very comforted and supported
Anna 17 Apr 2022
Gave me a warm feeling
Judi 16 Apr 2022
Visitei duas vezes o site e gostei muito. Me pareceu sábio e adequado ao momento que estou vivendo.
Maria Lúcia 9 Apr 2022
Always wise, tempered and thought provoking.. Thank you.
Juliet Abrahams-Byars 7 Apr 2022
I like the reassurance of this particular Tarot,when life feels like it is going nowhere this can be a great help spiritually.
Sheenagh 7 Apr 2022
Thank you God and the universe! This reading really helps me to clarify a few thing. 😄🌈🌺🌠
Natalie 5 Apr 2022
Always a pleasure reading my cards
Toni 30 Mar 2022
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I feel a whole lot happier and ready for the future
Julie Stirton 24 Mar 2022
Gostei muito da leitura!
Maria Lúcia 22 Mar 2022
Right. New to this. Immediately experienced a spiritual cleansing effect. The deep insights provoke close examination of my spiritual journey. It looks as if this is definitely something that I have been missing and will be central in order to complete my life journey. It is immediately obvious that we do stand alone and need to seek guidance for our spiritual well being
Elsdon Ward 15 Mar 2022
love these readings always get the right answers to questions eery. Thank You cards. ❤
claire goodge 12 Mar 2022
I like this site. Will come back.
Joan Libby Lomas 9 Mar 2022
awesome needed and necessary...exhausted from material bombardment...the dimensions within awoke again and I flowed through ..home
Clifford neil roffey 2 Mar 2022
This is the first time I have visited this site, and the three cards were brilliant in their insight and helpfulness! Thank you ever so much for making this experience available for free and online. And thank you, each one of my cards today, for your teaching.
Janet Veale 21 Feb 2022
Thank you once again for a clear reading. I have been returning for many years, with the Glastonbury Tarot being my one stop choice of online readings.
Rose Arthur 16 Feb 2022
I love these cards. I was lucky to purchse a set 20 years ago, and use them often, as well as visit the online version every so often. Thank you! ❤️
Merida 6 Feb 2022
Thank you. I feel very fortunate that I found this page. My reading gave me a sense of peace. I copied down the questions at the end of each card and I plan on meditating on each one in the days to come.
Jennifer Price 6 Feb 2022
First, I want to express my gratitude. I use this method when I am feeling stuck and unsure what I need to focus on for the day. I ask my spirit guides a question and choose a card. It is my belief, the card I choose always resonates with my current situation. Thank You for providing your gift to the universe ❤️
alexa negron 4 Feb 2022
Thank-you. After moving out of Glastonbury when I was 16 and losing touch with the spiritual side of myself after a few hard years this is just the refreshing and thought provoking experience I have been craving ever since to welcome me back to this side of myself.
Rhiannon Macey 31 Jan 2022

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