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Many many thanks for this service. The readings I have received on this website have always been so very accurate and have served to steady and centre me during some very tough challenges in this life. Bless you x
Luisa Di Lallo 25 Jan 2022
Thank you, Glastonbury Tarot. I just got an on point answer to an important question, and that answer gives me hope and is cause for optimism. Much appreciated.

I utilised Glastonbury Tarot some time ago and found solace and support at that time, and it's of great assistance in the here and now, too. Glastonbury Tarot is the best online Tarot site and the most accurate.
Helene Thian 19 Jan 2022
Very sane advice
Caroline Evans 6 Jan 2022
I have used the Glastonbury tarot online a few times and it always relates to what is happening at the present time.
jane 5 Jan 2022
This has always given the best readings for me. Always on point which is uncanny! Its given me so much strength since i discovered it and i always turn here for advice. I feel so bad that ive never been able to donate but my situation at present means im unable to do so. I send the universe's love and thanks to you for helping me cope with the dark and enabling me to believe in the light again. Many blessings for making this free and accessible to those who are in need. You are so special. Many many thanks x
Sue Pritchett-Page 5 Jan 2022
Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for your support.
Graham 31 Dec 2021
Thank you for your continued guidance! Happy 2022!
Laura A 31 Dec 2021
Absolutely spot on with the situation I came to the cards for. Provided me with the reassurance i needed. Always helpful. Thank you xx
Rachel 29 Dec 2021
I have been through time, my heart is completely broken and I am on the verge of giving up. My reading today has helped me realise things can and will improve with a bit of self belief and inner healing. Thank you.
Rozanne Thomas 24 Dec 2021
As a Tarot reader since 1969 I was very impressed with the reading, It was nice to have a reading for me but not by me ! I also did a Rune reading as well, That went well but I am used to doing 4 Runes rather than 3, All in all I shall recommend you to my clients as a possible enhancement tool for learning the Tarot...If that is ok with you.
Thank you for passing my way.
Astrorick (UK)
Rick Search (Astrorick UK) 21 Dec 2021
THANK you I read these cards my self and it was nice to have them read for me
Julie 20 Dec 2021
The card I chose was a clear message to my question. I appreciate the question it gave for me to ponder on.
alexa negron 13 Dec 2021
It definitely answered the question of what I need to do to move forward.
David Winfield 12 Dec 2021
Unexpectedly insightful considering this is just a quick online reading. Answered my question and encouraged me to continue with hope in my heart. Many thanks.
Steph 9 Dec 2021
Literally the best reading I have had after my divorce and about to enter into a new exciting relationship. This reading proved that I am ready to move forward with my life and leave the past behind. Thanks for confirming what I hoped and wished for. This gives me much hope for the future πŸ‘Što help me move on from the constraints of the past which have been very challenging, thank you πŸ™πŸ₯°
Tina 7 Dec 2021
Wonderful reading and fantastic site.
Clear and specific card interpretation, that's an absolute gift in times of uncertainty. My reading today gave me joy, and faith in the course I've set for myself! Thanks GT! :)
Rebecca 2 Dec 2021
My favorite website for tarot. I resonate with the interpretations and find them very insightful. Thank you so much!
Jesse M 19 Nov 2021
wonderful confirmation of my questions first asked on the new moon in Taurus, May 2021 - today is the partial eclipse full moon in Taurus and the cards and interpretations were spot on - thank you so much, blessings
Teresa 19 Nov 2021
Thank you cards for my reading and the encouragement I received from them. It’s been most helpful.
Janice 18 Nov 2021
Really good ready, though I needed the answer to a specific question.
Sandra Jones 12 Nov 2021
Kind, wise and insightful. Very grateful for this light shined on my current situation. I feel empowered and reflective and ready to look deep within. Thank you so much.
Claire Monica 31 Oct 2021
Spot on with my current situation and very clear messages and explanations. I liked the questions at the end. Thank you πŸ’–
Theresa 31 Oct 2021
Thank you, that reading gave me clarity. :) I appreciate it.
Anne 28 Oct 2021
This site has been such a source of comfort and inspiration for me for months now. But it has been even more important for me in the last 3 weeks, since my partner suddenly died. I have been using the 'Card of the Day' function since then, and each day the Cards tell me exactly what I need to hear. I cannot thank you enough.
Siobhan 26 Oct 2021
The cards resonated with my question.
Thank you very much.
Love and light xx
Trudi Lambert 26 Oct 2021

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