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Absolutely beautiful set of tarot cards. It has helped me work out what's on in the inner plane everytime. Incredible!
Joy 3 Aug 2021
Thank you for my reading,first time I’ve tried this and it has turned out to be most intriguing and very thought provoking
Dave Nicholas 30 Jul 2021
Thank you ..the first time I have tried this Web site .. the card drawn was thought provoking x
Ann 26 Jul 2021
My Absolute Favourite Traot Deck is the Glastonbury. Accurate EVERY Time. I so wish I could buy a Copy..But it is out of print..Sadly.. Hope it comes out again soon. Thank you Lisa for this Great Gift to us by making up this website so we can use it. It has been SO helpful.
anneke 26 Jul 2021
What a fantastic reading spot on can't wait to pull some more cards amazing 10 out of 10
Kim 25 Jul 2021
Beautiful artistry and reading πŸ₯°
Susan E Cantonwine 23 Jul 2021
What an amazing reading! The cards accurately reflected the new stage in my life that has just begun.
Carol 22 Jul 2021
Always so appropriate and accurate.
Carol Fairclough 21 Jul 2021
It feels like magic thanks
Pranam Ottolina 16 Jul 2021
How uplifting to have the chance to receive guidance from Avalon. The cards speak. Thank you!
Aiden 2 Jul 2021
What an amazing website. Thank you for intricate and accurate readings. Interpretation of cards is uplifting, inspiring and encouraging.
Incognito 1 Jul 2021
I really, really appreciate that you have a limit on readings to prevent over dependence. You are good and responsible people. Nobody else does that.
Jay 30 Jun 2021
Glastonbury tarot cards have a unique and profound energy about them that seems as rooted to the ground as they are to heaven. Their humble wisdom quietly guide you without the need to create drama, just advice and guidance to those who are in need of such loving counsel. Everything about them feels authentic and genuine, given freely to anyone.
Adalena 19 Jun 2021
Coming to Glastonbury tarot, has been unbelievably helpful to me through times of difficulty and has provided me with a way forward on many occasions. I can honestly say I am so very grateful to have discovered this site. Don't feel that it has less to offer than a one-to-one reading, on the contrary, it can be very revealing and at the end of each cards interpretation, there is a question to ponder. I advise you to contemplate these questions to get the most out of the reading, I usually write down all the cards and their meaning to use as a guide afterwards. A truly wonderful service. Many thanks Glastonbury tarot.
Janet Elaine Mee 17 Jun 2021
Your reading gave me so much hope at a time I felt there was none..Thank you so much for your wonderful website Kristin <3
Kristin Day 25 May 2021
I take a card each morning, to encourage me to think about how to go forward on the path with each new day's opportunities. Each card I receive always reaches into the space I'm in, and allows me to go deeper. Thankyou.
Kate 22 May 2021
Beautiful cards and interpretations. Extraordinary clarity of my situation given in a loving and inspirational way Thank you to all involved including spirit of course
Natalie 21 May 2021
Beautiful cards, beautifully described, with grace & compassion.
Keri Robinson-Jones 18 May 2021
What a fantastic website, this has been a very close friend to me in times of need. Thank you thank you!
Will james 17 May 2021
I love your interpretation and images given in the tarot. It has helped guide me when needed.
Michelle 11 May 2021
A fabulous reading. Thank you for continuing to offer this service
Georgia 9 May 2021
These cards are just amazing. I use them daily... I really feel connected to them and their messages ... I just wanted to say Thankyou....
Sallyann Whitmore 9 May 2021
I always come here when i am unsure, and the readings are always helpful. I cant always afford to donate & the free readings are helpful & interesting. I especially like seeing cards ive not come across before.
R 5 May 2021
I thank for very valuable information. It very much was useful to me.
AntwanLiade 4 May 2021
I love this deck, i discovered it through my partner about 2 years ago! Its my go-to when I am travelling and don't have my deck with me. It always helps me get some clarity, and connection to higher knowing within myself.
Bobbie 1 May 2021

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