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Beautiful cards and interpretations. Extraordinary clarity of my situation given in a loving and inspirational way Thank you to all involved including spirit of course
Natalie 21 May 2021
Beautiful cards, beautifully described, with grace & compassion.
Keri Robinson-Jones 18 May 2021
What a fantastic website, this has been a very close friend to me in times of need. Thank you thank you!
Will james 17 May 2021
I love your interpretation and images given in the tarot. It has helped guide me when needed.
Michelle 11 May 2021
A fabulous reading. Thank you for continuing to offer this service
Georgia 9 May 2021
These cards are just amazing. I use them daily... I really feel connected to them and their messages ... I just wanted to say Thankyou....
Sallyann Whitmore 9 May 2021
I always come here when i am unsure, and the readings are always helpful. I cant always afford to donate & the free readings are helpful & interesting. I especially like seeing cards ive not come across before.
R 5 May 2021
I thank for very valuable information. It very much was useful to me.
AntwanLiade 4 May 2021
I love this deck, i discovered it through my partner about 2 years ago! Its my go-to when I am travelling and don't have my deck with me. It always helps me get some clarity, and connection to higher knowing within myself.
Bobbie 1 May 2021
Thank you so much. I used to be so skeptical of Tarot, but in recent years I have been feeling a pull towards it. I have had several online readings using the Glastonbury Tarot now - they are always PERFECT. The cards are beautiful, and they always tell me what I need to hear. So reassuring and helpful, and always spookily accurate. It gives me shivers. Thank you again :)
Siobhan 30 Apr 2021
Thank you for allowing me to Seek guidance from the Glastonbury Tarot. Wisdom comes from the cards
Teresa Robinson 30 Apr 2021
The cards always gives me what I am sometimes looking for I.e direction. Positivity, optimism, and showing there is a light and the end of a very dark tunnel. Which gives me hope. Thank you for these they are alway spot on.
Karen Edwards 21 Apr 2021
Thankyou cards
Nicola 20 Apr 2021
A nice tarot set that I was unaware of until recently. My reading was the events that arre unfolding around me.
Linda 16 Apr 2021
Thank you
Joanna Burdett 13 Apr 2021
I love your tarot deck and it really speaks to me- thank you. I've had a difficult situation to work through and I wanted some guidance from a Goddess of Glastonbury. I did a 1 card reading and wow was it what I needed to hear.
Dawne Skeye 13 Apr 2021
Never ceases to amaze me how accurate the readings are. They are really helpful when looking for confirmation on a situation. Thank you so much. 🙏
Susan King 9 Apr 2021
Thanks for my reading, it made quite a bit of sense
Naomi 8 Apr 2021
Thank you
Eleni 7 Apr 2021
I woke in the early hours for my reading! Have been struggling with health issues in turn how to cope with work ect cleared my mind and helped me focus thank you
Lou 31 Mar 2021
Readings are amazingly accurate for what is happening in my life now and give me solace and hope. Thank you.
Jenny 29 Mar 2021
Thank you for the reading. I found it very powerful and enlightening.
Trish 27 Mar 2021
Thank you for the free online card reading it’s spot on and helpful
Karrie 26 Mar 2021
Thank you - your readings have been uncannily accurate and a great source of support through some difficult times lately.
Karen 23 Mar 2021
The resonance has always been strong with these tarot. Blessings. Xx
Deirdrie 21 Mar 2021

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