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Eleni 7 Apr 2021
I woke in the early hours for my reading! Have been struggling with health issues in turn how to cope with work ect cleared my mind and helped me focus thank you
Lou 31 Mar 2021
Readings are amazingly accurate for what is happening in my life now and give me solace and hope. Thank you.
Jenny 29 Mar 2021
Thank you for the reading. I found it very powerful and enlightening.
Trish 27 Mar 2021
Thank you for the free online card reading it’s spot on and helpful
Karrie 26 Mar 2021
Thank you - your readings have been uncannily accurate and a great source of support through some difficult times lately.
Karen 23 Mar 2021
The resonance has always been strong with these tarot. Blessings. Xx
Deirdrie 21 Mar 2021
Always a good source of advice, however you look at it, and whether you believe or not... Useful to ponder on, and always meaningful at the time.
Ness 17 Mar 2021
Love the Glastonbury Tarot site, always get positive responses that help clarify & help me see my way forward. Brilliant.
Pamela D 1 Mar 2021
Apologies if you have signed the guestbook recently and your comment has not appeared. A programming error has meant that comments have been lost in the ether. Please do post again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Graham Irwin 24 Feb 2021
There is something very special and sacred about these cards and the unique, gentle and real interpretations. There's a feeling of truth here. Thank You.
Louisa Clarke 12 Feb 2021
Welcome to our guestbook. Please feel free to add your comments. We will read comments regularly but cannot promise always to respond promptly.
Graham Irwin 12 Feb 2021

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